Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Eli Update

Not much new to share ....he is of course getting stronger, eating well...etc. Raina is getting nervous about the day she brings him home and having had all this time worrying about his breathing and go home with him now is going to be stressful. However, there is no talk yet on when he would go home-- she is just anticipating the day - excitedly and anxiously. They were encouraged yesterday to get a nap and they were able to rest. They ran to Target and shopped for the little guy and even got him into an outfit and snapped some pictures. She said she would send them to me sometime soon.

Other than that....Raina sounds good. Talk of Andy heading back to work and saving some days for when Eli comes home. I am sure this is sooo hard for Andy but he really will appreciate having a day or two to be home with Eli and Raina when it is time to go home. Both Andy and Raina's coworkers have been so supportive throughout the entire pregnancy and now. Thank you to Raina's coworkers for getting a few meals to them. SO KIND! I know she appreciates having someone else think about food and getting it to her so she remembers to eat.

Nothing else to report. Looking forward to an update soon...I hope! It amazes me how I go about my day with my boys...getting happy, getting crabby, busy busy. And then I remember that my worries of cleaning up the kitchen or folding the four baskets of clean laundry are so not important when I think about Raina and Andy consumed with their little miracle. We are all still thinking about you guys!
Love and Prayers,
Your big sister!

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