Monday, April 20, 2009

Team Raina's Baby Shower

These past two months I have worked hard with these three amazing women to throw my sister a baby shower. This past weekend the big event occurred. My mom was a behind the scences secret helper...making food, getting prizes, and other little details. Peggy, Raina's good friend, hosted the party at her house. She opened her door and was so kind to let our massive group come and celebrate this little baby coming in June. Colleens, Raina's lifetime friend, helped with invites, pickles, games, and other little odds and ends. Each of us brought a little of ourselves to the day...trying to make it perfect for Raina...

adorable invitations- check
Pickles- check
Deviled eggs - check
cupcakes - check
fun games - check
ranch dressing - check
veggie tray - check
fruit platter - check
chex mix - check
family - check
friends - check
Two strong men to lug things up and down and in and out of the house - check
A nephew there to help open the mound of presents - check
Cozy house - check
Beautiful day - check
And all of the other little things -check

These types of events bring people together that you don't get to always see. I got to know Peggy better. I always enjoy hanging out with Colleen. If we lived closer I think the three of us would bug Raina to all hang out. And of course, mom you would be there too! Raina is welcome to host some get togethers so that we can all hang out again. hint hint! But we will be patient and let you relax these last 9 weeks of the pregnancy. Maybe I will run into you all visiting this new little miracle that is going to bust into this world and rock and roll like his or her's mom and dad!

Tonight I toast to you - Team Raina's Baby Shower! Great work!


Anonymous said...

What a GREAT group of women!

I absalutely LOVE this group of women-what a special shower, THANK YOU.

I am "honored" that you guys worked together for me (peggy-get it--honored? haha)Raina

Anonymous said...

I had so much for preparing and executing. "Team Baby Shower" rocks! Let's think of a reason to get together again! Maybe we can be "Team Babysitters" in a few months!
As an aside...didn't really realize how short I am! WOW what a picture can do to ya!!! HA!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Peggy - you can comment too! Just be "Anonymous"!

What a Team! What one didn't think of, another did. It went smooth and do you realize there were 30 of us in the basement, plus Andy! I counted and think I'm pretty close to accurate. It went fast, I was nervous, but there was always another team member ready to take over whatever needed to be done. My favorite moments: Colleen delivering cupcakes on a tray; the clothes line; Charley saying 'wow' at little blankets and onesies; Sarah's pre-beverages and her love of my casserole signs; Peggy's house super ready for us and her welcoming/friendly ways to everyone; Jason at home and willing to do anything we'd ask - what a guy. Is this comment too long? Delicious cupcakes that made the journey very carefully & safely; Raina's circle of friends and relatives; and even new flooring :-) Love from the oldest team member.


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