Monday, April 20, 2009

Raina's Baby Shower

This weekend we showered Raina and Andy with gifts and love. It was fun to see Raina's belly getting big....however, she doesn't know what big is! The next 8 weeks she will learn -Big! She is feeling good, looking great, and feeling pretty ready. She was so grateful for all the gifts that they received. They are set and ready when it comes to gear. I am so excited for them. They start their baby classes and this will get them prepped for the big arrival! Raina is anxious for baby to be here but getting nervous for the labor and delivery...all normal.

I know they are so excited to meet this little being who is going to turn them into a family but they should also relax and enjoy this little bit of time left as just husband and wife. Andy will never be Raina's only priority. Raina will never again be Andy's only priority. They will soon realize how much love they can give when they meet this little miracle. So go out to dinner, lay around in your pjs all day on Saturday, hop in the car and go somewhere spur of the moment with nothing but one suitcase of luggage. Because soon, everything will be a huge event, with lots of gear and preparation, you will live according to sleep schedules, eat according to nursing schedules, and sleep will be something you won't get enough of. It is all worth it, you will survive it, and it will make you a better person....but it is hard. So take time to enjoy just the two of you. Your life is about to change and it is so awesome! Can't wait!

So glad we could help celebrate with you this weekend! Love, Aunt Sarah!


Anonymous said...

Oops, that me.

Kim Klinge

Anonymous said...

What a fun time for Raina! She looks absolutely adorable!


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