Monday, April 20, 2009

Rest In Peace Sizzles.

Oh - gosh - how long ago did I get this great idea to take Charley to the pet store to get a fish. We got him a Beta and we named him Sizzles. He lasted a super long time for the conditions he was gifted when we brought him home. He didn't eat everyday...I am ashamed to admit and his water ...well he liked his water unchanged for long periods of time...he told me. He did! Charley rarely gave the friend any attention. Today at library the topic for story hour was pets. And when the librarian asked Charley his pet ...he replied proudly a fish. However, when asked his fish's name...there was silence and then he eeked out..."Dorothy." Um! NO! That is Elmo's fish.

Sizzles passed away a week or so after our trip to Florida in February. I have been wrestling with how to tell Charley. Then time went by and he didn't notice so I decided to just wait until he noticed. And this afternoon it happened. Thank goodness it didn't turn into a big deal. Here is the conversation and as you can see it didn't last long.

Rian: Hey are you going to get a dog?

Charley: Maybe, really soon.

Rian: Hey, where's your fish?

Charley: Hey, I thought I had one! Mama, where is my fish.

Mama: Well, um.....he got sick and went away.

Charley: Well where did you put him.

Mama: Away.

Charley: Awwww, but I wanted a pet. Can I get a puppy?

Mama: Honey, your fish has been gone for over 2 months and you first noticed now. I think we will wait awhile to get a puppy. We need to be better about feeding and caring for a pet.

Charley: Okay.

Rian: good thing you feed me so I don't die.

Charley: yeah, good thing I feed you and me. Maybe we can go camping some day.

The end.


Anonymous said...

precious. made me smile. wish all things in life could be so simple.

Anonymous said...

haha. i love these conversations b/c it sounds just like charley....i can picture him saying it.
is he still putting his hand to his mouth and telling "secrets"?

Anonymous said...

Rian tells it like it is!

gschneider said...

this made me snort.


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