Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Must be doing something right...

Today Charley had a play date with a new friend. In Moms club there are so many great families to get to know. Most of Charley's friends are girls, and that is fine, at this age he doesn't care. He loves them all. But I have also wanted him to gain some boy friends. So I asked a friend if she would like to get her son together with Charley. So today, I dropped him off at their house. He was gone for a couple hours, she called during the play date to tell me they were playing great and she would like to keep him a little longer! When she picked him up they came in so Gavin could have a peek at our he can come play here sometime. His mom said, that they didn't have the TV on all afternoon which is great! She said while she was cleaning out toys she found two unopened McDonald's type toys and Charley suggested, "Maybe you can give those to your brothers". Very kind. She also said when they were getting on their shoes to come home Charley turned to her and said, "I really had a good time playing at your house with Gavin." She was amazed that a four year old would say that without prompting...I am too! I am so proud of you Charley...I guess we are doing something right.

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Barb said...

Amazing and wonderful! Sometimes this is what life is all about!


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