Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break: Wednesday

So this morning we prayed that the weather would be decent enough to continue on with the plans we had scheduled for our first day of vacation at mom and dads. Today we planned to spend most of the day at the zoo with a high school friend of mine who I haven't seen in close to 15 years. Most of Ed's closest friends (and now I consider them my close friends) are from high school. I have always had a little anxiety about the fact that his are from high school and I don't talk to my high school friends. So today I was a little nervous about seeing her but also so excited. We met at the zoo with the kids. Her kids are 4 and 2. So they matched up nicely. Charley ran the whole zoo with them. They missed half the animals because they were in such a hurry. Henry was a trooper since yesterday he missed his naps. Sarah and I talked about everything and anything. It was so fun to see her and right away it was like I was back in high school. I can't describe it but it just felt good to see someone and talk to them who I knew back then. And Sarah looked the same to me and it just made me Happy to see her. It was so relaxed and comfortable. I am all excited to meet up with other friends now that I see that it is just fun! - why be nervous! We hugged, said good-bye, and pulled out in our mini-vans...which I think matched in style and brand! HA! I told Sarah how fun it was to catch up with all our high school friends and how at first I was surprised that they all had kids similar to mine in age and were married around the same time etc. Well duh, we are all the same age and most likely going through the same stages. But to me, all of those people are frozen in time. I am so glad that today worked out and we got to catch up.

Charley and Henry were both sleeping 5 minutes into the ride home!

We left mom and dads this morning earlier than expected so we did a drop in to see Aunt Raina in her white coat at work. She works in the Cancer Clinic and she showed us her office, walked us through all the areas and then had a bagel with us. It was a fun addition to our day. She works in an amazing complex of medical buildings. She walks those halls, racing to see people who have had life changing issues that have forever changed their lives. She admitted that being there daily has probably diminished some of the emotional feelings that I had immediately when seeing a room full of beautiful women with scarf covered heads. She has a hard job and I give her credit for doing what she does.

Grandma should be home any minutes with a yummy pizza! Then a little playtime, bath, and bedtime! It was a great day!

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