Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Grandma will be so exprised that we are here!

exprised (ex-prized) : verb the feeling of being excited and surprised all at once.

Dear Charley and Henry,

Today we left home for Grandma Barb's and Grandpa Bob's house. We left at 8:42 and arrive around 3:15. I want you to note that I took you, on my own, on this long journey to grandmas. You were excellent travellers. We have trained you well, by travelling with you since you were wee little. I want you to note that I did this on my own so that some day when I am destination "Grandma's house" you don't hesitate to make a drive to visit me.

How did I do it...well this time it went super. We left and you, Charley, knew you couldn't watch any movies until we were in Wisconsin ( and really you don't know when we hit Wisconsin so I drag it out as long as possible). Charley was extremely content listening to some fun kid music that I got from the library. Henry knows now when we get in the car he is going somewhere fun. After about an hour and a half it was time to watch some cartoons and both of you watched quietly and ate some fish crackers. yum! That lasted an hour and then we looked for a stop to eat. We stopped at a Perkins that was connected to a hotel. This gave us a chance to run the hallways and eat ( the lunch left much to be desired). Back on the road after an hour. Charley, you and I made a deal that we would put on some quiet music when we got back in the car and see if we could get Henry to fall asleep. After an hour...no such luck, note Henry, you have not slept yet! So we put on the movie Wall-E and finally Henry conked out...for 30 minutes. Then he was all smiles again. The movie ended and we were within 20 minutes of Grandma's so we watched for landmarks and Wah-Lah! I see Grandma's house!

Grandma isn't home yet. And so you both have pulled out every toy, spread them through out the house, and are very busy. Alas, this is when you announced, "Mama, Grandma will be so exprised that we are here!"

Before we left this morning Daddy talked to both of you and reminded you to listen to mama, be kind, and to appreciate that you get to go to Grandmas for a week because not all kids get to do this. This is so true. I appreciate that I can pick up and take my boys on a vacation to mom and dads for a week without needing help making the 6 hour trip. I appreciate that I have the time to do this, especially since we live so far and to come for just a weekend is really tough. Both grandparents live farther away than my grandparents lived to me when I grew up. I do not take for granted that my boys ride in the car for 6 hours with very little whining. When I grew up we made a 6 hour trip once a year to the cottage and that was a huge deal. To you boys, this is just the norm. Thank you for realizing, at such a young age, that going to grandmas is worth the entire day in the car.

Can't wait for mom to get home so I can say "Cheers!", give you both a bath, and getcha in bed. Then I can put my feet up and just "BE" with my mom and the TV of course (can't forget that American Idol is on tonight). And tomorrow our week of adventures begin!

Oh, and I can not forget to point out that I would have a really hard time letting the boys go for a week and I appreciate that Ed encourages and is okay with me taking them for 6 nights. I know he misses them...and me.....and gets a little lonely. Enjoy the time to concentrate on work or whatever you want to do in the evening. That is a gift too!


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The Gardiner Family said...

Sarah, I am proud of you! That is a big deal going that far with two little ones! I am glad it went well. Enjoy your time with your parents, it is such a treat.


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