Wednesday, March 25, 2009

When Henry Wakes

Whether it be from a nap or a long night of rest,
the boy wakes, waiting for me...his mama.

Diaper change....that can wait.

"Don't you dare put me down," says Henry in a grunt.

The boy needs a snuggle.

When Henry wakes up from a nap or in the morning he wants to snuggle. He plops down in bed with me and lays his head on my chest and sleeps for a bit longer. One morning, Ed went and got him and brought him in by us. I had the blanket pulled up to my chin. He of course, crawled right over to me, flipped the cover off me and plopped himself down across my chest. Ed had to snicker. After a nap he sits facing me and rests his head on my chest and wakes up. Charley always gave "Loves". But Henry gives that extra snuggle all on his own. I treasure these cozy moments because I know they will only last for a little longer.

I remember fighting with my brother and sister on who got to sit next to my mom in church. Those two lucky kids got to rest their heads on her shoulders. Nothing beats cuddling up with mom.

Henry I love this little ritual. Let me savor it for a bit longer...pleeeeeease!

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