Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Not a fan....

This morning we had to have a guy come in to fix a switch on our furnace...some recall thing. I am not a fan of being home with the boys when we have to have strangers in to fix things. I led the guy into the basement and then continued to fix the boys breakfast. Charley informed me...

That guy who came to fix our furnace reminds me of Ben Kanobe on Star Wars. I asked, "Why?" And he said, "Because he says, Hello there my little friend. Just like Ben says to R2D2!" Haha! The guy didn't even say hi to Charley and he sure didn't say "Hello my little friend to me." But I am wondering if he looks a little like Ben Kanobe? Not sure if I am spelling Kanobe correctly.

I love how a 4 year olds mind is always working.

HaHa! Charley just asked what that noise was in the basement, and I replied, "That is Ben Kanobe fixing our furnace." And I got the biggest giggle from him.

Happy Wednesday!

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