Monday, February 2, 2009

Today's three thoughts...

So I just took a minute to read through some of the blogs I follow and loved this one. I have mentioned that I love reading other mommy blogs. They inspire me, make me feel less stress, make me feel more normal, and invigorate me for the next look at the situations that I experience each day and see them with a more creative and open mind.

Charley is having trouble listening lately. I can ask him to do something, not to do something, to clean something up, to help with something, to put something on, and the list goes on and on...and he refuses and often throws a fit. So today I decided to try a little something to make him more aware of how often he questions my requests. We will only do this for a day or two. Hopefully by causing him pause things will start to turn around.

On another note, tomorrow is our last day watching Rian. It has been a fun three weeks. It has been nice to have a playmate for Charley. Henry too has started interacting more and more with Rian. We have enjoyed her giggle, her easy going attitude, and her ability to put up with "bossy" and emotional Charley. I have enjoyed having her. I will admit that watching another child isn't always more work (Rian was not more work at all, she just was here). However, it is someone else to think about, clean up after, and feel guilty about (am I doing enough, is she entertained, am I being fair, is she hungry, does she need a nap, are her parents happy, is her face washed,...etc). It is also a little more overwhelming going places, so the grocery store and Target have not been a weekday stop for three weeks(I think Ed appreciates that). So tomorrow we will enjoy and hope that Rian leaves wanting to come back and play sometime. But, I will also be glad to just have my boys to worry about. Charley said at dinner he is going to miss having Rian here. He made a great friend these last few weeks. Let's keep the connection there Dana. Thanks for trusting me to watch your daughter. It was an honor and a pleasure.


Anonymous said...

well.....what is it that you are "Trying" to do to make him pause and think? it's not described here. i even tried looking at the other blog and couldn't see anything? -Raina

Dana said...

You are a great friend! Rian and I were lucky you were willing to open your home and heart to us. Thank you.


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