Sunday, February 1, 2009

My day...

I had a delicious day. This afternoon I went to a movie with a good friend of mine. We went to see New in Town. The movie was set in New Ulm, MN. Going in to this movie experience I figured it would be a mindless fluffy "Sarah" Movie. However, the movie gave me a lot to think about. The story focused on a small town factory working hard to stay in business. It made real to me the reality for a lot of people these days who are losing jobs because of the economy. On a brighter note, I AM and WILL always be proud to have grown up in Wisconsin. Right now I live in Minnesota and in most ways it is very similar to Wisconsin. This movie exaggerated the Minnesota "talk" and other aspects of MN life and I found myself enjoying the exaggeration and feeling a sense of pride...even though I will always cheer for the Packers and enjoy a good 'ol Johnsonville Brat!

Later today we went over to our neighbors house for a little Super Bowl celebration. When we moved into this house from the townhouse my dream was to have fun neighbors. Next door to us live two fantastic babysitters and around the corner a delightful family with two girls (ages 4 and 7). Charley plays well with them. We are slowly getting to know each other. We meet in the cul de sac to play, we had them over for pizza, they had us over for a spur of the moment new years celebration, and now we had a little Superbowl party. We seem to mesh well. The kids play nicely and it is close enough that we can walk. It was a fun evening. Some yummy appetizers and snacks, a beer or two, some fun conversation, and the kids were entertained.

Tomorrow is Monday, Daddy goes to work. Bedtime on Sundays is always a little hard because of this. But Friday will be here before we know it. Happy February everyone!

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