Saturday, January 31, 2009

Could this be true....

I brought up Henry for bath. I got him out of his diaper and let him crawl around a bit while I filled the tub. He crawled into the bathroom, stood up by me...hands on the lid of the toilet. I knew he was there and wasn't paying close attention. But when I finally did look over he had a proud smile on his little blue eyed face....hhmmmmmmm now what would that be for. Then I looked down. The boy had peed all over the base of the potty. Every night Charley pees before bath. Henry is usually already in the tub by this point and of course continues to watch his brother's every move. COULD IT BE TRUE that he actually attempted to pee in the potty! HOLY COW! I will now watch closely and see if he tries it again tomorrow night. I knew the second child could be potty trained easier if they are motivated by their older sibling...but could it be this easy!

He continues to amaze me everyday. And today he blew my mind!


April said...

I am telling ya... Anna was done by 19 months with the potty training thing! It could be true! :)

--Beth said...

I love your perspective (which is evident throughout your blog); I would have been upset about the pee all over the saw it as a milestone!


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