Wednesday, January 28, 2009

UPDATED : I will sit here all day if I have to....

Someone thought the picture was a breastfeeding picture. It was not. So, I am varifying that I was wearing a shirt! Haha!

My little Henry is not feeling top notch either. He has taken two naps in his crib but his stuffy little nose keeps him from resting for a longer stretch of time. He seemed comfortable right here. And a mama who realizes that these opportunities are flying by and will soon be limited to a lap snuggle or a head resting on my shoulder...I will savor this moment and hope that he sleeps just a few more minutes. Sleep Mr. Blue Eyes! I love you!

Henry has his first temperature in this picture. 102.7! He is one year old.

Update: 5 pm doctor appointment proved that he did have an ear infection. I let out a little hooray..the doctor looked at me puzzled. I explained I just wanted reason for the temperature and an answer. Hopefully a little Motrin and a little antibiotic, will help him get a good night sleep so he is better tomorrow.

Oh, and we saw the same doctor and he wouldn't look in Charley's ears but he said that Charley's eye looks better than yesterday. A good sign.

Those who get to sleep through the night tonight. Relish it and dream a little dream for me. I have a feeling I will be up a few times loving up my boys.


Anonymous said...

I had that moment today too-Bentley woke up after 1 hour of napping and I took him back up and we slept for another 1.5 hours....I knew there were millions of things "I could" be doing but I knew this is what "I should" be doing and it was so nice to snuggle in! Gotta take it while we can they are growing up way too fast. I hope your boys recover fast.

January said...

Do you ever put vick vapo rub just under his nose before he tries to sleep? That might help. I love your 25 things!!


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