Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 things about your mama

On Facebook they have this thing circulating where you share 25 things about yourself. I have been inspired by the unique facts people have been sharing. I just can't get up the courage to share on facebook since I have a few friends on there that I really don't want to know 25 intimate details about myself. That gave me the idea to share with my someday they can see who I January 2009.

1. I used to be a teacher in the public schools. I am a proud supporter of the public school system and wish the rest of the world could get with the program. I loved teaching and I miss it a little everyday. I anticipate going back to the classroom and love that feeling even more.

2. I have been a stay at home mom for the last year and a half. I love it, most days. This job can be draining and I sometimes think that if I worked my time with my boys would at times be more quality than quantity. However, now having experienced being home and just focusing on my family and raising my boys I can't imagine balancing both. This is the most important job that I will have in my life and I appreciate and love that I get to witness every moment.

3. I am a home body. I am very happy and content having no big plans. I like cozy time at home with my family. This would be why I often times offer to host playgroups, evening friend get togethers etc.

4. I totally prefer sliced up carrot sticks over the mini-carrots. I find the time to clean and slice them up. They taste so much more carroty.

5. I have become an avid blogger in the last 6 months and love it. I love that it allows me to reflect on motherhood and life. I love that I learn from my friends when they respond with their thoughts and feelings. I love reading blogs just as much as I love writing them.

6. I have always worried about losing those I love. Especially my parents. I would sit up at night crying about it. Drove my mom nuts. I still worry about it and it still can keep me up at night.

7. I ABSOLUTELY love being pregnant and hope to do it one more time! But we'll see.

8. I love to go out to eat. I make it a goal weekly not to eat out...since it can be such a waste of money. But it is such a treat to have someone else cook for me once in a while.

9. I can make a pretty damn good French Silk Pie...and I love that my husband loves it.

10. I have never had a cavity.

11. I am a person that lacks self-confidence and has trouble trusting in my decisions. I appreciate all those around me that help build my confidence. thank you!

12. I love my ONE diet coke a day. Around 11 am I love the sound of the can fizzing open and the first drink. It makes my day.

13. I have great in laws! I learn from my mother-in-law. I enjoy hanging out with my sister-in-law at Patsy's (even though it has been awhile), and I wish my brother-in-law and his wife Becca lived closer so we could have weekly Canasta tournaments...and we could get our hands on that baby girl who will be arriving in April! EEEK! Can't wait!

14. I have two fabulous little superheroes who amaze me every day. Charley Robert and Henry Kelroy. I am blessed to have two healthy happy little boys.

15. My favorite part of every day is 30 minutes after both of them have fallen asleep for the night. Then I can relax and realize that we have two healthy little boys upstairs: happy, dreaming, healthy, and safe.

16. My least favorite time of the day is when I am still sleeping and Charley calls for me. I hate having to put on a happy morning face immediately after waking. And this is why my goal each week is to go to bed early enough that I can get up before the boys and have a few moments to myself to wake up and put on that happy face.

17. I have great intentions to exercise but I have terrible follow through. I wish I had more self-discipline when it comes to exercising and eating healthy.

18. My favorite day of the year is day two up at the cottage. I have been going with the same family friends, for the same week since I was born. Now I bring my boys and share with them the same fun that I had growing up.

19. Holidays for me are a time of chaos and family. I will forever want to travel to see people. Santa can come any day for my boys. Just write him a letter.

20. My sister is pregnant and I can't wait to see her as a mother. I know she has enjoyed watching me stumble through my first years as a mother. I can't wait to giggle at her experiences.

21. My photos of the boys are in shoe boxes. I am not organized in this way.

22. I use my own grocery bags when I shop ...both the shopping bags and the produce bags. I am very proud to have been doing this for the last year.

23. I love to shop and one of the hardest things about being home is not needing to buy work clothes. I am slowly losing the urge to shop for anything other than the comfort clothes...jeans and t-shirts. But I pray I am never that person, who is submitted on Oprah for needing a mommy makeover.

24. I am married to an amazing man that is a compliment to all of my short comings. He is organized, level-headed, logical, good with money, has great perspective on situations, can fix almost anything, and supports me and my crazy ideas.

25. I am craving a night of martini's, margaritas, and dancing with the girls.


gschneider said...

No cavities! I call shenanigans. I always chalked up my cavity prone mouth to growing up with well water; but now I realize I just fail at teeth cleanliness 101. Must. continue. flossing.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to go out for a drink and chips and salsa....let me know. We will both need a day off of sickness soon! Dana

Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

Sarah that was AWESOME! I loved reading each and every item and feel like i know you even better now. How fun!


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