Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dana knows...

I have this friend Dana. We used to teach next door to each other. She is one of those people who knows a lot about lots of different things. Many times it is health related. She is one that can tell you if you are having a boy or girl when you are pregnant, WAIT!, she can actually sense when someone nearby is pregnant before they share the news...sometimes she knows before the person knows.

These last couple weeks I have been honored with watching a miniature version of Dana. Her daughter Rian, has been spending days with us. Well not today, because germs were being swapped in extreme ways. Yesterday, Charley's eyes started to look a tad pink in the late morning. After lunch the gunk started to show itself. By middle afternoon his eye was glued shut. A prescription was called in and waiting for pick up, bless their hearts for not making us go in. But it didn't look like the typical pink eye a few hours when Dana showed up to pick up Rian I had her look at Charley. From across the room she saw the swollen side of his his eye was almost swollen shut. And she named this long difficult condition. Rian had dealt with something similar this past summer. She encouraged me to take Charley in. Rian had to spend time in the hospital (like four days!) when she had it. So I called and our clinic now is open until 7 pm (God bless them). Ed met us there. The doc looked at him and confirmed Dr. Dana's diagnosis. He had what she had named. But because it was early enough the prescription would clear it up before the infection moved behind his eye and interfered with his eye muscles. The doc also confirmed that he had pink eye. Then he checked his ears to see if the double ear infection from Saturday was clearing up, since I am still yelling to tell Charley anything. Nope! The boy is amazing to not have been complaining from pain. It hadn't changed at all. So he is on a new medication that will cure the eye and ear infections. He is taking drops for the pink eye.

I have to be honest...when Dana mentioned an actual name to her diagnosis I was all excited to prove her wrong. Partly because that would be fun and partly because I didn't want my son's eye to be in any danger. Now I have to sit down and realize that Dana does know! When in doubt trust Dana. Dana says, "a momma knows!" But today, my response is "Dana knows." I like to think we would have taken him in last night even if Dana hadn't insisted. By the time 5:30 rolled around I knew it wasn't "just" pink eye...but by that point we would have probably had to have gone to urgent care and spent hours there. So I am in debt to Dana. Thank you!

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Reetz Family said...

You're too sweet! Thank you!
Periocular cellulitis


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