Sunday, January 11, 2009

Toss and Turn ....or....Get up and Enjoy!

So this morning Henry woke up crying around 3 (he has been sleeping through the night pretty well) and we let him fuss for a long time. Then I went in and made sure he had what he needed. He had his four nuks in his hands. I turned on the music and said night night and then left. I laid there and waited. He fussed on and off. Then like usual I rationalized out why I needed to go in and just nurse him. (Tonight, it was because he had missed all of his naps on Saturday and therefore needed some extra boob time...yeah right. But I didn't want him to waste anymore precious sleep time.) So I went in and nursed him. And as his little hand played with my fingers as he was soothed I realized this was going to be ending to soon. He went back to sleep and I went and tossed and turned for another hour. Now it was 4:30. By 5 am I decided I had gone to bed early so that I could get up and enjoy the early quiet time. However, not this early. But, I decided to go for it. So I came down and folded some laundry and then decided to spend sometime perusing mommy blogs. Here are few that tugged at my heart. I am not sure how to link them ....Molly can you explain....but you can probably cut and paste. I really enjoy blogging and have found that it gives me pause during my day. I have also really enjoyed being enlightened and relating to other people's blogs. They make me laugh, give me inspiration, and just plain entertain. You do need time, which doesn't come easily. But this came early. I am praying that Ed will let me get a little nap this afternoon. If not..I guess I will go to bed early in hopes of some more early morning quiet time. Plan for Joy I just enjoyed some of her writing. - man look at that belly. My sis is pregnant and she is just waiting for her belly to pop and I keep telling her to enjoy each moment and each centimeter. In no time she will be as big as a house trying to shuffle her way through the third trimester anxiously awaiting the arrival of a little miracle that is going cause her life to change in an awesome and incredible way. I hope she isn't overdue and this huge! this one I related to because my little Henry is going to forever deal with his birthday being so close to the holidays. But this is a reminder that his day is still his day...and all we can do is make is special. Kids are kids and their birthday is often times the best day of the year. I know his "birth" day was one of my best days!


Katie Mattis said...

As a person with no kids yet and thus not a morning person at all, this post is a great reminder of finding the time.

Was so fun to see the pics of Henry's birthday. Casey said the remote control car was a hit with both Henry and Charley.

I loved the clip of Henry walking and then at the end of Charley saying, "Now is it my turn?" Classic.

Very excited to read more...your note to Charley was so brave and thougtful...just loved it.


Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

Loved the Antique Mommy Blog!!!!! Thanks for sharing Sarah. I LOVE the quiet morning. It somehow seems like this special time that you've stolen from the world. It's extra - and all yours. :)


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