Friday, January 9, 2009

18 years or older to order? hmmmmm....

During the day my son watches tv. Sometimes more than the 2 hours than they recommend and some none at all. I believe it all balances out. I love the cartoons on PBS and Disney because they don't have the commercials that Nick Jr. has. I am realizing the influence of commercials. When my son asks if someday he can have Sketchers! WHAT!

One of my favorite cartoons to have on is Max and Ruby. It is about a big sister bunny and her little brother. It is simple entertainment. It isn't a big learning show. He isn't learning letters or numbers or how to count in Spanish. But Charley sits and laughs during this show because I think it is slow paced enough for his four year old sense of humor to enjoy.

This show that is so simple is on Nick Jr. So that means if I am not sitting right there...which I rarely am. He gets to see some commercials. The commercials that Charley really gets most excited about are the infomercials. The demonstrations really thrill him and he gets so excited. He just saw one about making mini slider burgers. "And you can even do the buns, mama. Did you see that?! The round buns not the hotdog buns (with a disappointed look on his face)" The commercial ended stating "You must be 18 years or older to order." Charley looked at me with a look on his face as he repeated this line. And finished it with an awwwwww! Why would an 18 year old be watching Max and Ruby. It isn't an inappropriate commercial and I guess it is better than some toy that he will want. But you! you! Nick Jr. we'll keep watching a select few shows without ordering the burger o rama...or whatever it was called.

I fear the home shopping network in the wee hours of the night might be something Charley needs to avoid later in life.

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