Monday, January 12, 2009

Let's be honest...

What cupboard in the kitchen do you dread going in? What cupboard do you open and things fall out? Which one do you try to organize and swear that you are going to do better...but within a day it is a mess....if you are like me...that would be the "Tupperware" cupboard. Now, I say Tupperware...but I have very little actual Tupperware. Maybe if I had actual "Tupperware" I would be having less issues. But this cupboard has caused me great stress. My husband is helpful and at times gets fed up and tries to organize it himself. I can't find tops to match bottoms. And there is absolutely no solution to stacking the different sized containers.

So I have slowly tried to stop buying plastic storage and thanks to my Aunt Pat I have accumulated quite a bit of Pyrex glass storage containers. Now, yes, one of the reasons is the whole plastic thing going on right now. I do think glass is just better for us. But there are other reasons...and that first paragraph is the main reason. Glass stacks so nicely and the containers all have obvious tops. I also love that I can store my food, freeze my food, and reheat my food in the same container. So far less dishes. I am down to one small shelf in a lower cupboard for my plastic. I won't completely give it up. It works well for freezing or sharing food with friends.

Why am I writing about this today? Well, this morning, in between playing memory, a card game, serving breakfast, laundry, and play dough...I reorganized several kitchen cupboards. It was a snow day in our house...too cold and snowy to go out. So cheers to my "Tupperware" cupboard! I am going to win this battle.

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