Thursday, January 29, 2009

PJ days

There have been a number of posts today on various blogs that I read about mom's who are home feeling like losers when they don't get dressed, put on makeup, get a bunch of things accomplished, get out of the house, and engage their children in some structured creative activities. I could relate to much of what they were saying.

It is January, the middle of the freakin' most depressing time of year. It can be beautiful and fun but mostly it stinks. It is too cold to snow, too cold to go outside to play, and it gets dark early...oh and most days the sun doesn't shine. So you start out the morning thinking...well we will have cozy pj day today. And it is a great thought. The kids are excited but by midday yes, I do start to realize that I don't feel very happy anymore. I would give anything for a long hot shower. But by this time in the day I think...what is the point. Then Ed comes home and tips his head when he sees the boys, once again, still in their pjs. Sometimes different pjs...but still pjs. Now for Henry, footie pjs just make sense. He won't keep socks on so they keep him warm.

This week we have been stuck home most days because the boys aren't well. However, today Charley's nose wasn't running. He could hear me a little better. His face was no longer swollen. He had been on all his medications for well over 24 when it was time to go to school. I got him dressed. Put the boys in the car. Threw on my boots and we left. Half way there...I realized.... I still had on my pj pants! Okay, now that could be somewhat pathetic. However, I don't have to get out of the car to drop him off. Charley giggled at me when I told him. And really...I can take a much more relaxing shower this afternoon when Henry naps (which I am praying happens).

So yes, some days I do feel like a loser midway through the day if I don't get a list of things done, have not showered, and I have to throw on a hat before answering the front door. But it is often days like this when Charley and I play circus, write thank you notes, teach Henry how to play hide and seek, and just enjoy each other.

It is the middle of winter...what else is there to do but be cozy with your kids ....and heck no one knew I was still in my pj pants at school. (They are new ones by the way...cute! 12 bucks at Jcrew! Can't beat that!)

By the way...Henry is still battling a fever, his nose doesn't stop running and the kid is quite miserable. Thank goodness he did sleep through the night though!


Meg said...

We too have those days! I have been wearing some amazing comfy pants my whole maternity leave and Joe keeps joking about what I am going to do when I go back to work on Monday. Ha! I'll have to keep them by the back door so I can put them on right away!

Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

I truly wish we lived closer Sarah! I would come over in my PJ's, without a shower, and with toothpaste on my lips! :)


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