Friday, January 30, 2009

Perfect moments...

And they are usually just moments...not long stretches. In a family of four someone is always crabby or whining. But Ed reads our blog updates at work so he doesn't hear the music or see the pictures. So tonight he asked about the song. So I played it on our stereo. I turned it up loud. And it hit me. I LOVE THIS SONG! It has been a while since I have let country hokey lyrics hit me and move me. This song makes me think of day two at the a northern Wisconsin bar with good friends and family and creative drinks made by our favorite bartender (gosh I don't even know her you remember Colleen). So turn this song is Friday night! I am happy in my jeans! And the four of us just sat in the living room listening. Charley laughing and talking...Henry walking from daddy to mommy and giggling. Both Ed and I taking in the moment and realizing that we are doing this thing called parenting justice. I think we are doing a pretty good job...most of the time. It was a rough day for Charley and it is nice to end with a family moment....along with a large glass of red wine.


Anonymous said...

I feel like such a celebrity being mentioned on your blog!!! I too love this song and always turn it up really loud when I am in the car! As for the bartender, I have NO idea what her name is. Luckily the good thing and a very comforting thing about up north is that very little changes from year to year and so this year we will be sure to find out!

Anonymous said...

what was the song? was it the chicken fried song?

--Beth said...

Somedays, I keep your blog open all day just for the music! Thanks!


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