Saturday, January 24, 2009

My boy is sick...

I took him into the doctor this morning to get his ears checked. He complained last night that they hurt. On the way there he fell asleep...clue that something is wrong. He fell asleep with a sucker in his hand. Doctor looked in the first and cringed. Doctor looked in the second and cringed. Yep, double ear infection...ballooning and ready to rupture. She assured me that this would relieve his pain if it happened in the next two days. If it happens after two days we need to come back in because the meds aren't working. He fell asleep again, holding the sucker, waking momentarily to take a lick.

We got home and he won't take the medicine...not with all the bribes in the world...Horton Hears a Who, m & m's, ice cream, real gum (since the amox. tastes like bubble gum...and he has never had gum), a little present from Grandma Barb (Yes, mom there are like three left from when Henry was born and they are very handy), instead he did take some motrin. Ed snuggled him on the couch and he is sleeping through all the noise going on down here. Obviously the boy is tired. Hopefully a good nap will wake him ready to take his meds otherwise we are going to have to force it...and with a four year old, I don't think that will go very well.

I don't remember ear infections...but I had my share of swimmers ear and the basic ear infection. I wish I could remember so I knew what he was going through. I will just love him will his daddy. And Henry, he will try his darndest to make him smile.


Raina said...

I remember ear infections very well. I had them a LOT when i was little. I remember calling for mom in the middle of the night. I could hear my heartbeat/pulse in my ear. Everything is uncomfortable. Give him a squeeze for me :(

Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

Oh Charley - We have had more than our share of ear infections at our house. Braden says you should take your medicine because it will make you feel all better! Think of it as a magic potion that will make your ears heal right up. We're thinking about you honey.


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