Friday, January 23, 2009

I am a mom of a boy!

And I am succeeding. Charley's nose has been running nonstop this week. By Wednesday it was pretty dried up but still a little gunky. So today, I could see them in there. Big boogers! Now, how many kids would let their mama work on their nose until it was all cleaned up. Not many. But with a little convincing...Charley let me extract the two major did I convince? Hey, I am a mom of boys. I am proud of it. So I said, "Let me get 'em and you can use your magnify glass to investigate!" Gross, but he stood there, put up with the intrusion, looked for a maximum of 10 seconds, said, "Wow", and then went off to play. While I felt some pride in a job well done.

Gross, I know..but hey, I am a mom of boys...whatever it takes!

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