Friday, January 23, 2009

TGIF & It's 5 o'clock somewhere...isn't it?

So I am a tad crabby today. There is no reason. It is Friday, the kids are pretty much healthy, Charley has a playmate again today, the house isn't a disaster, so why?...not sure. I think I just haven't gotten out enough lately. So spur of the moment I decided we would race to another indoor park, quickly touch everything to gather up germs for the weekend (totally kidding), and then come home for some quiet time. So within 10 minutes of deciding, we were in the car heading to the park. Of course, forgot water bottles, snacks, etc....but we did it without touching a water fountain (I am afraid of those - at least until my children are old enough to not touch their mouth to the spout).

As we left I said to the kids, "Did you have fun?" No one answered. So I said, "Charley, did you have fun?" He flat out, without hesitation said, "No." So I responded, my crabby self coming out. "Well, We won't go back there again then." Then instead of changing his mind and saying, "just kidding mom, I had a good time. " He freaked out and started crying. "I want to go back. I want to go back. I had a good time." Rian, the little girl I am watching, of course said, "I had a good time."

So I took the moment to vent my feelings and I explained to Charley, here I go...brace yourself, "Charley, when I ask you if you had a good time? It is because I care about whether you had fun. I want to know so I can plan more fun things. When you say no it hurts my feelings. If you really didn't have a good time then you should tell me that. But to just say no because you can is not polite. We will not do fun things if you don't tell the truth. I try to plan fun outings and when you don't say you had fun, or you dont say thank you. Then I don't want to do more outings." Meanwhile, his mind has wandered and I am still ranting....without hesitation he then asked about lunch. I don't even think he heard what I said. UGH! How crabby am I now. So I turned up the corny children's cd that I have in the car and thought....I wonder if my parents asked me if I had fun and if I responded in a snotty voice, "No!" If I did...which I am sure I did, don't all kids; then I am sorry. I am sorry mom and dad for ever saying no, without genuine thought and consideration over the question.

Am I overly sensitive today....hunting out any little thing to complain about..maybe...but oh well. I can.

Oh and another thing that really flipped my lid. When kids ask you to turn up the song on the radio and then continue to ask you for a kleenex or something. So you turn it down to hear what they are saying and they then say in a not so nice voice, "turn it up." This weekend I will be working hard with Charley on being patient and thinking about how he is answering and asking questions.

Happy Friday! It's 5 o'clock somewhere...isn't it?

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Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

You are so real Sarah - that is why I love you and feel so lucky to be on this journey of motherhood together!


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