Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Winter Begins...

Even though both Charley and I are recuperating we decided to get some fresh air. I love that I could actually shovel this year (last year I was way too pregnant). I love that Charley is now old enough to keep busy in the snow while I shovel. I love that Henry naps well so we will be able to do this a whole bunch this winter.

We used the sled on the drive way. Then we walked around the yard looking for tracks. We didn't find any. It was quiet except for Charley and I yelling to each other. It reminded me of when I was little and me and my brother and sister would venture outside. We would head across the street to this hill that led down into the woods. There was a slim trail that wound through the trees. We liked to sled here. Now that I think about is amazing that we didn't get hurt. But I remember the sound of nothing but our laughter and the dropping snow from the trees.

Coming in today we both wanted hot chocolate...but following Aunt Raina's advice we will stick to water and juice and stay away from milk.

By the far so good.

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