Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving Weekend 2008

On Thursday morning we awoke to Charley announcing loudly, "I get to see my cousins today!" We set out at 8 am for Ed's family Thanksgiving which takes place in Wisconsin. It took us a long time. We got there at 1:30 and a delicious dinner was served at 2:00. The food, family, and fun was great. Charley played with his cousins. He was a helper when Noah and Dawson played Monopoly. He truly looks up to his big cousins and we pointed out that next year he will be the big cousin to Mike and Becca's little baby! Henry got to play/ or interact with his little cousin Landen. He is three months older and walking! It was fun to watch the two of them figure each other out.

After a little canasta and some pie we headed to my parents. It was a 2 1/2 hour drive. Both boys conked out immediately and slept all the way there....yahoooooo! When we got there we put Henry down and Charley got to visit for a little bit and then he had sleep over with his Uncle Greg. They were roommates. Greg discovered:
-Charley can play flashlight tag
-Charley snores
-Charley talks in his sleep
-Henry's cry in the night can be really loud
-Charley starts your day with great conversation

It was special to have Uncle Greg as a roommate. Henry was disorientated in the night that first night so he had a big crying session around 2am. I ended up just feeding him to calm him so now we will have to start from scratch with not feeding him again int he night. ugh! The other nights went better.

Friday was a lazy day around my mom and dads. My dad went to work and Greg, Ed, and Charley got in the car and went and bought a big TV for my parents. They went to Janesville and bought it and came home and set it up. My dad wanted one and told them they could go get it but we made it seem like they weren't going to drive that far to get the one that was in stock. So we surprised him. The box was turned into a house that both boys loved!

While those three were off TV shopping my mom, Henry and I went and tried to do a little Black Friday shopping but I found nothing. I just wasn't ready. That evening while awaiting Uncle Andy and Aunt Raina's arrival I decided to make my french silk pie. The oven wouldn't heat up. So from 4:30-7 Ed pulled the oven apart, figured out what was wrong, and fixed it temporarily so that we could make the pies, bread, and turkey on Saturday! Friday night we spent a little time in the deep dark basement at my parents. Greg, Raina, and I found boxes labeled with our names. We laughed, shared memories, and brought up some treasures to share with Charley.

Saturday we celebrated my family's Thanksgiving. It was a nice day. We got to see Pat and Emmma and Connie and Jim. At one moment Charley said, "I wish it wasn't Thanksgiving because then Grandma could play with me." Grandma was busy making the big dinner all happen so he was left to enjoy all the others fun people. But no one replaces the special Grandma fun. Yummy food, penny poker, and lots of laughs.

Saturday night once the boys had their baths and were in bed my brother suggested we play an old game we used to play as kids. SOOOO FUN! Good times!

Sunday morning we got up and had a yummy breakfast of Grandma Schnooksie's Skinny pancakes, bacon and pineapple. Aunt Raina continued the tradition of presenting Charley with his advent calendar. SO FUN! Then we packed up and ventured north for the Packer Game (3 hour drive). Ed couldn't get rid rid of this game (I don't know how hard he tried) and so he thought he would take Charley. This was Charley's second game.
I think Ed has always wanted to bring him every other year, however, it is expensive and far and BIG so we'll see. Charley was super excited. Henry and I dropped them off and went and had lunch and did a little Xmas shopping. Here are a few pictures from the Packer game. The boys made it through the entire game. Charley enjoyed a hot chocolate that ended up causing our 5 hour ride home to turn into over 6 hours. Charley got the full experience this time because it rained a little, snowed a little, and was cold!

It was a great Thanksgiving weekend even though the travel seemed to suck some of the fun out of some of the weekend. We are thankful that we were able to travel, that everyone was able to be together, and had time as a family.

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Wow that looks super fun Sarah! You guys were super busy.


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