Monday, December 1, 2008

Travel for Thanksgiving Weekend 2008

Okay, we hadn't travelled since Henry was much smaller so we knew we were in for some was more Charley that threw us for a loop. He is older now, out of diapers, and more aware of how he can whine and manipulate his needs (mainly the bathroom). I start out negatively with the travel because that is a huge part of our holidays (all holidays Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter etc). We always try and do everything and see everyone and it is harder and harder when we think it should get easier and easier. The most popular phrases this holiday season, "What town are we in? I have to go to the bathroom. How far are we now? (the my family's tradition of showing the kids how far we have driven using the mirror continues)I'm hungry. I'm thirsty. I have to go to the bathroom." How I wished he was 2 again and in diapers.

Charley's need to go to the bathroom verged on entertainment for the young lad. At one point we thought he had to poop and pulled off and once inside he informed Ed that he didn't have to go. As parents we are torn on trusting he really has to go or judging when he can hold it because he just went 30 minutes ago!

Henry rode well for the most part, however, when a child who is 11 months is unhappy in the car...everyone is unhappy. Henry's last 45 minutes of the ride to Chilton was horrid and it made the whole ride terrible...and his ride home from Green Bay on Sunday got bad midway and that sucked the fun out of the whole day, along with the weather. We made it though. Christmas this year will be more broken up. We won't be doing both families in 4 days like usual and that should help everyone's travel attitudes.

It was all worth it once we got to our destinations and could enjoy the company, food, and holiday.

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