Monday, December 15, 2008

I am thankful today....

It is really early so not thankful for too many specifics today at this point. However, in the winter...even though I am not a teacher anymore, I go to bed hoping for a snowday....and wake up checking immediately so I can live vicariously through my teacher friends. Even though..everyday can be like a snow day for me. Being a SAHM (stay at home mom) being home everyday can be such a treat but it can also really work you mentally.

Today, however, I am thankful that I am a SAHM and that I don't have to venture out with my boys in this below zero weather. To all my teacher friends, I was hoping for you today...however, I was trying not to jinx it either. Stay warm! I know it will be an indoor recess..which is the pits this time of year when they are so over energized and excited and you need that 15 minutes of peace. Hang on to the reins and you will steer yourself right into a wonderful Christmas vacation very soon!

So we will be shut ins today and hope everyone who had to venture out gets where they are getting quickly and warmly....without wiping out on their bike (yes you uncle Greg).

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