Monday, December 15, 2008

Four Year Olds...

Charley has a friend over today...his good friend Elly. They see each other often during the week and get along well. They do have times when they don't get along so well too though. Today it started out rough...both wanting things their own way. Elly's mom and I spend a lot of time with the two so we are comfortable dealing with their friendship spats...and usually they just need time to figure out how to jive. Today they found their niche with an hour of nonstop talking. I mentioned that Charley had his bin of people characters...all his character people. They sat and talked for 45 minutes...non stop...not necessarily agreeing or talking to each other but they worked through it all and saved lots of kids who needed superhero help. Then they decided to be superheros themselves and run around with their capes. We have a great house for running a loop. Anyways, I thoroughly am amazed at how much Charley talks but then realize when I get him together with another 4 year old (well almost four) that they all talk without stopping and their conversations are so precious. Meanwhile while Charley and Elly play and Henry naps...I am able to bake 9 dozen mini cupcakes, start a few loads of laundry, and blog.

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