Monday, December 15, 2008

Taking care of cookie business....

We decorated our cut out cookies yesterday. So here is our cookie to do list:

kiss cookies 2 batches done!
m & m cookies 1 batch done!
Cut outs many batches 1/2 decorated

black bottom cupcakes
candy cane candy
Something new!

So I would say I am half done. Getting closer! I struggle to find a new cookie that I can bring to my family's Christmas that they can enjoy and will be different than what my mom and sister make. The cookies I make are tradtional cookies for my side of the family. So they are fun to bring to Ed's side of the family because they are completely different from their cookies. But it when going to my family's celebrations that I struggle thinking my tray will match my moms...and how can I EVER compete with that. I think this year I have that she isn't baking as much on my side...but still. Anyone have a great cookie recipe they love...send me an email

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