Monday, December 15, 2008

Proud moment every day...

A moment that I take in and feel proud of is about 30 minutes after both boys are sleeping. Usually about 8 pm. I remember when Henry was first born and both boys were sleeping by 8 pm. I looked at Ed and said, "Holy cow! We have TWO boys asleep up there. They are both healthy, safe, and dreaming." I experience that thought and feeling every night. It amazes me and maybe I feel a little guilty but this is one of my favorite times of the day. I know they are safe, healthy, dreaming, and loved. I also can reflect and realize that they had good days and if there were moments that I would like to rewind and do over I realize that I learned from those moments, they learned from those moments, and tomorrow I have a fresh start and clean slate.

Last night I thought, "I always peek in on Charley to make sure he is covered up. But I am going to peek in on Henry" (normally I don't for fear he will smell me, I seriously think at that age when they are nursed they can sense your a wolf or something.) SO I quietly opened the door and I hear this little clonking sound and a giggle. As my eyes adjusted I could see Henry sitting up dropping his nuk close to the mattress and it then popped back up into his hand. He then giggled. I went in, said "night night!" Laid him down and left again.

So I guess even after 1 hour when all is quiet and I think they are all sleeping...they could be up dribbling their nuk. Either way, I am proud of my boys and when they are sleeping peacefully it gives me time to take in the astounding amount of love I have for them.

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