Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Difference Between First child and Second Child

So on Charley's fourth birthday he got to watch Star Wars...episode 4 (the one we all saw first). I was a little nervous letting him watch such an adult movie. But men in my life claimed this episode would be okay. He only watches it with daddy. He has since become obsessed with Star Wars. At night when Daddy comes home Charley can't wait to play Star Wars with daddy. It started with Charley and Ed playing with "guns" a banana for daddy and a snorkel for Charley. But Ed saw my annoyance with the gun thing (I know! I know! He is a boy and he was figuring all that out without the star wars movie ...but still we don't need to promote it) so now Ed has them playing with lifesavers (or whatever they are called...a broom handle for daddy and ...I am not sure what Charley's is). They run around trying to rescue the princess (sometimes me) and getting the storm troopers. Henry of course is "Chewbaca"...if that is how it is spelled.

Tonight I walked into the living room and Henry was holding daddy's "gun" the banana out in the gun position. He had his nuk in but from his mouth came this sound that went on and on...My eyes widened in fear. I said, "Henry what are you doing?" Charley said , "Mama, he is shooting the storm troopers."

I am going to pour myself a glass of wine and realize that not only does the first year fly by but he is already able to defend himself against storm troopers.

How do you let your oldest grow up without the youngest being exposed to it all. Ugh...I guess...boys will be boys...advice needed!

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Meg said...

Joe introduced Vincent to Star Wars as well. I loved it as a kid too. Joe is so pumped as a father, to share his love of Star Wars with his son. It is so cute. Vincent now has a bunch of Star Wars guys and plays "shooters" with his daddy. I too struggle with the gun thing. I wish I knew the answer! Alas, I have yet to see William defend himself from the storm troopers! :)


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