Friday, November 21, 2008

Without Ed --a Saturday is just another Tuesdsay...

Ed is off to the Northwoods this weekend. He will venture north for his annual hunting excursion. A tradition he has with his dad. He will go to enjoy the quiet in the woods, to read in the freezing tree stand, to think and ponder. He will probably have a good steak dinner. He goes with the intent of filling our freezer with meat that I am slowly beginning to appreciate and enjoy more and more each year I am married to him.

Weekends were a worry that I had when I decided to stay home full time. Would I still feel like weekends were weekends? They do! They are a break from the usual week day activities...they are a time we focus on our family. But most of all Ed is here and we work as a team to give each other time to enjoy the kids and each other and "me" time. We both need and deserve me time on the weekends. Poor Ed usually has a "Honey Do list" to accomplish too. So when I know he is going to be away it adds a stress to my week. It means that my weekend will be just another week day in many days. Which is okay but also hard.

This weekend I hope Ed enjoys his time up north and comes back refreshed. Me...I will be smart with my time. I will enjoy the boys, give them time to play alone, and use my time when they are sleeping wisely. The weekend will go fast and then it will be Monday.

Ed, know that you are missed. You make Saturdays my favorite day of the week! Love you!

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Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

That's so sweet Sarah! I get how that goes - weekends just aren't the same without the whole family.


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