Friday, November 21, 2008

Children Change you...

Before Charley I could not stand red wine. But now I prefer it. Before Henry my PMS didn't run my life for a week every month. After Henry, my husband who once believed PMS was just an excuse, is a believer. Since Henry my pms changes my life more drastically one week every month. My poor husband usually gets the I twist looks he gives or words he says so that they become attacks on me. My emotions are raging from sentimental, to anger, to frustrated, to happy, the list goes on. My poor mother is the other person who becomes the kind fly who unfortunately gets caught in my web and devoured and spit out. The last few months her visits have been timed just perfectly. Luckily my friend came a little earlier this month so Thanksgiving will be much more enjoyable for ALL! But this weekend could be a little tense since I am home with the boys, with no breaks.

I have a lot of friends pregnant for the first time or for a second time. Know that when you are pregnant you are expecting and planning for your life to change once baby arrives. You know that you will start putting someone else first....But did you know that you might prefer red wine, your shoes may no longer fit you, your body might get back to your pre-pregnancy weight but the shape will never be the same. Did you know your pms could be 4 times worse or better than it was before?

However, knowing all this...the little people you bring into the world make it all worthwhile. Their smiles, snuggles, and hugs will make the unfortunate affects of pregancy and birthing a child tolerable...becaues heck...we all go back and have a second...or a third...and some even more. I just wish my boys would understand that I am feeling like an alligator this weekend ready to snap my giant jaws at anyone who crosses me. I wish they could understand that they need to be patient for me this week.

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Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

Parenting...the most amazing, thankless job there is. Have a glass of red wine Sarah - maybe even two! Hang in there and enjoy the changes that you spoke of. That couldn't have been more true.


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