Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Little Bulldog

Today we went to an indoor climbing park and Charley bolted off with his friend Elly I have no pictures of him. But Henry was a little more cautious...he didn't figure out how to do the climbing thing in his area. Maybe next time. But then I got excited to take him into the bigger area and go down a few slides together. He loved the slides. Climbing through the play structure was going to be a good work out....but it turned out to be a bigger reminder to workout......Squeeeeeeeeeeeeezing in and out of all the tubes etc. Henry loved the slides and once getting to the top base I needed to take a breather but he crawled right up to the edge of the slide wanting to go down. He is napping well now.

Being there reminded me of the days when I would take just Charley. It would be our morning outing and I would just crawl around with him watching the other bigger kids and all the mom's who sat on the benches watching their bigger boys run. I couldn't wait for that moment, when my a$% wasn't blocking the way of some little tike trying to go faster than I could climb. Charley and I probably came here twice when Henry wasn't born and he was big enough to run around by himself.

How fast that time for the next two years I will be shoving myself through the tubes and getting shocked as I go down the slide with Henry. Although, I also know that Henry will probably be independent faster at places like this because he is my second child and he has a big brother who will encourage and lead him. So I will enjoy doing these activities because they bring out the kid in all of us....who doesn't smile flying down a slide with their four year old, friend, their mom, and me with HEnry on my lap all together...yes, they had a nice wide slide.

I loved this t-shirt on Charley and he wore it when he was one and a half. Henry is wearing it at 10 1/2 months.

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