Monday, November 10, 2008

Today's Challenge for Mama!

This morning during our pancake breakfast, without sausages...Charley informed me that he wanted me to make him a batman mask for him to wear with his batman pajamas, "the ones that zip up." He had it all planned out and it sounded so planned. I finally asked, did I say I was going to make this mask? and he replied, "No, Daddy said last night at bedtime." HA! HA! HA! Thank you for giving me this task today Daddy! I am saying that with sarcasm. He described it to me and then stood in front of Henry and said "Can't you wait to see me in my cool batman mask little brother?" Henry just laughed!

So I was trying to clean up and thinking hard and fast how I would do this. So I told him to find me a picture. He said, I will go draw one....and this is what he drew. But he said, "But I want the ears to be more leveler. So they are even."
HA! HA! The verbal skills of my child could cause me to lose my sanity over these projects where he demands perfection! HA! HA!

I put the whole project off for a bit and left him at his drawing table. I went and put Henry down for his nap and got a quick shower in. I came down and walked by his desk and there was this picture.

Now at first I looked at this picture turned and couldn't believe that he had drawn such a great train with a skate blade instead of wheels! HA! HA! Am I a mother of a son or what! BUt then he said, "No mama, turn it. It is a boot. And this thing here is the windshield wiper that wipes away the rain." (Windshield wiper is the blad that sticks out the left side of the boot) HA! HA! But look at that boot! What an artist. Not sure if he is going to ask me to make the boots which case I might be in even more trouble.

Stay tuned for a picture of my boy as Batman...but first...library class, lunch, and hopefully a nap! My day, thanks to daddy. Maybe one of these days I will leave him here with the boys and plant a grand idea for him to tackle!

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January said...

I bet you could make it out of that crafty foam stuff pretty easily. You have skills!!! I remember the hours that you spent cutting out little shapes for your El Ed Math classes. I know you can do it!!


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