Monday, November 10, 2008

An Awesome Batman Mask

So, being unenthusiastic about this batman mask project I put it off. I convinced him if he took a nap there would be a Batman mask waiting outside his door. I tried and my boy just isn't going to nap for me anymore. So he had quiet time and played by himself for awhile. Which he does anyhow but now I just need to make it just an automatic for his after lunch time. Meanwhile, Ed called and explained that he never told him that I would make a mask with him today. He said he told Charley that he could be Batman next Halloween and we could make him a mask for that. HA! HA! Anyways, my sister emailed and said, just make a band and put the ears that he drew on and be done. So I gave him a black piece of paper, deciding that I would have him actually make this. He drew his ears and I cut them out. He caught onto my plan of stapling them to a band and explained,

"No Mama, I want it more real (while moving his hands from the front of his face over his head to the back of his head). I want it to come down more. I want it real." So I looked up a picture online and this is what we ended with and I must rocks in my eyes...took less than 10 minutes and now he just awaits his pjs to be washed.

The thing I love most about this mask: I cut the eyes one time and they actually fit where his eyes go. And the ears are drawn by him. HOW ADORABLE!
So here ya go!


Barb said...

WOW, what a wonderful story! How do you 'play' Batman anyway?

January said...

It is perfect!


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