Sunday, November 23, 2008

supercalafragilistic.... expiealadoscious

Do those two words bring a warm feeling to your they cause you to step in time..step in time. This morning Charley and I stayed in our pjs....decorated a bit for Christmas...popped some popcorn and sliced up an apple and sat down with a new movie. Yes - Mary Poppins. He loved it. He was hopping on the couch and I even let him jump from the ottoman to the couch during the chimney step in time dance. Even Henry paused in play to watch at times. Charley identified the "magical" moments...because he is into magic these days. He commented that the movie had lots of silly parts. I got all 5 loads of laundry folded. How fun to watch a classic movie that isn't a cartoon.

No deer for Ed or his dad. Sad for them. Sad for the freezer. We still have a quite a bit of time of our weekend left without Ed home. We'll survive. I think often times the build up to these types of weekends are worse than the actual weekend. Because things always flow just fine, we keep busy, and I usually get more done around here when Ed isn't here...I wonder why that is.

Happy Sunday! And remember...a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down! There is actually a meaningful parenting reminder in this movie as the dad realizes he needs to loosen up and enjoy his children...which results in Mary Poppins moving on. hmmmm...never really focused on that message in the movie until today..kind of like the modern day supernanny (a show I do not watch) :)

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