Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mystery Muffins

Okay, I was nearing a breakdown this afternoon and I remembered...when at this point we bake! Charley and I are the best of friends when baking. Whether Charley is crabby or I am brings us back to happy. We work together well in the kitchen. He has been a happy helper since he was probably around 2. He likes to add the ingredients and only likes to bake things "with lots of ingredients to measure." He will check first before committing to helping. We often play cooking show and I narrate and call him my assistant. This is even more fun lately because now we have Henry who giggles and watches with interest as we dance around the kitchen.

Now lately, Charley has been into magic so today I thought we would try a new recipe. Banana Peanut Butter Muffins from Jessica Seinfeld's cookbook that I got last Christmas. I will be honest I haven't made too many things from it yet. But I have it out on my counter and look at it often. Every recipe in her book adds a vegetable or fruit puree that kids won't notice. This is for those children who don't like veggies but Charley loves veggies so I don't have to hide them to get him to eat them. So we decided we would make mystery muffins and see if Daddy can figure out the mystery ingredient. Charley just tried one and he loves it. I tried one...and I would say...they are interesting at first...knowing that the mystery ingredient is in there taints my first taste but then it is really actually very tasty. YUM! I think we have a new muffin recipe. Unfortunately daddy is going to have to try one to play along...but he doesn't like banana so that is going to be his biggest challenge. Hang in there is all for the sanity that this hour of muffin making brought while you drove home from your weekend away.....

Oh, then we realized that Henry couldn't eat these muffins because of the peanut butter so we decided we would make a batch of blueberry muffins. Now the peculiar thing...which has never happened...look what color they turned.

And they baked up blue! HAHAHAHA! CHarley thinks it is a hoot. We used more blueberries than the recipe calle for because I figured it was a more clean way to get some blueberries into Henry.

So two mystery muffins...we were muffin machines this afternoon. Only a half hour until daddy gets home :) EEEEEEK!

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