Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Decorating for Christmas Mission was diverted...

And instead we did some organizing. I have had this bug in me the last week or so. I want to purge and get rid of some of the clutter but I don't know where to start. Our bedroom is where I should be working but I attacked this closet today. I told Charley we would decorate for xmas today after we cleaned up the toys and vaccummed. Well while cleaning up the toys I decided...let's organize them and move some of them out of the play area. Maybe if they weren't all out they would be more exciting and get more use. And maybe our house would look less chaotic. So I attacked this closet and here is the result. Let me give you a tour...up above you will find our arts and crafts stuff, a diaper bag, and some empty bins..okay, this shelf is already verging on chaos. The bottom three shelves are toys and tucked on the floor in those bins are hats and mittens etc (another area just waiting to explode). I moved all the jackets we use to the closet in our laundry room since that is where we come and go from. My mom called while I was working on this and I challenged her coat closet...could they donate a coat for a coat charity. Funny thing is...this closet is half filled with coats that I can't imagine parting with even though I haven't worn some of them in 10 years. What is my deal? now the I add more shelves for more toy storage or do I leave the empty space for guests' coats. My mom seemed flustered that I wouldn't keep the space for guests' coats..even though I pointed out that we don't hang our coats in her coat closet (sorry mom). It does look nice to have that empty space....hmmmmm...and will Charley be able to put things away. He took out his doctor bin this afternoon and I noticed it was put back! Maybe he will. I also did the closet in the laundry room. So tonight I promised Charley we would decorate right away in the morning...ugh! I know I am not going to want to do that right away but hopefully his spirit will be contagious. What I really want to do tonight is pull everything out of the kitchen cupboards and organize...but I know that is just the two diet cokes I had today (I usually only have one) and half way through that venture I would peter out and be left with a gigantic mess. So I will just look over at my closet now and then and be happy with my work today. I know it isn't even that great. But it is way better than it was before.

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