Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Spreadable Soft Cheese

I don't normally buy it....actually I didn't buy it. My mom brought it when she came to visit last. She was a saint and brought Chili dinner for us so I didn't have to worry about one of the meals. My mom and mother in law are awesome like that. But she brought this big container of spreadable soft cheese. It has been in our fridge and of course doesn't go bad...ha! ha! Henry has been loving saltines lately. So I thought I am going to use some of this spreadable cheese in case it decides to go bad. So I made a few for Charley who at first didn't want them. But then gave them a try and wanted more. Meanwhile I decided to let Henry try a little- who cares if he is messy. Okay, he wasn't messy at all. HE devoured it so fast and had his mouth stuffed so full he couldn't get his normal grunt "I want more" as he clapped his hands (his sign for more)...okay 20 minutes later----drum roll! All three of us had finished off an entire row of saltines and most of the tub of cheese. YIKES! One of the problems with being home all day is having the kitchen cupboards around to dig into. Luckily I don't normally buy spreadable soft cheese...I wonder if the three of us will be able to eat our supper.

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