Thursday, November 13, 2008

What came first....

the chicken or the blog...

today the chicken.

Okay, tonight is the first night I have ever cooked an entire chicken. It took 2 hours..well maybe 1 3/4...I also made greenbean is just that season.

I have never roasted an entire chicken. And it was soooooo.easy. My brother has been making his own bread and making chickens that have served him several meals. So I thought...let's give it a try. So tonight I made my first real chicken. SOoooooo easy.

It turned out. Ed said "It was good, not dry." What a compliment. And CHarley asked for more "white chicken" could you dream of anything else. I think I will get a little leftover but not enough like my brother...but hey we are eating as a family of four...since I am nursing and Henry is trying meat a there are four of us.

Anyways...Target was also an incredible deal tonight. Did you know their canned green beans have no salt added and they are only like...59 cents each. I have dragged my feet on believing that they are cheaper than than the big grocers. But they are on many, many things. Anyways...

I have not had a bloggable moment today. Sorry boys...but this chicken was bloggable because as I expand my cooking menu I feel pride in conquering new things especially things that could potentially feed us for two meals.

Okay, I have enjoyed some wine tonight and a good meal....and now it is time for the boys to go to bed. And always amazes me when both boys are sleeping by 8:30..I feel like we have it together...and to peek on them and both of them sleeping peacefully is amazing. Time for me...or us...or me...however we spend our evening as long as our boys are getting healthy sleep and we are getting rejuvinated for the next day. Okay, over and out for tonight. Tomorrow Henry gets his flu booster shot so it will be an emotional day for all of us.

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gschneider said...

Nice work! Isn't it easy?! Just takes a little bit of planning, right? Now, once you start making your own bread, you can start using the scraps for homemade stuffing! Exciting.

Is it clear I've become a bit of a nut?


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