Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Adjusting to no nap

So we are getting into a routine with the no nap four year old. I still think he needs it but the days I have forced it he had trouble falling asleep that night and so the battle just isn't worth it and we are just going to enforce a nice early bedtime. So quiet time is a must in the afternoon. I have explained that mama needs to get things done and she needs a little time to do something that she wants to do.

I am typing this here so I can hold myself accountable to this goal. Since Charley was teeny tiny we read him stories before nap and bedtime. A lot of stories. 6 stories before nap and up to five before bedtime. He loves to be read to and pays close attention. I think a big part of his language comes from all the reading. So just becaues he isn't napping I want to still make sure we spend 20-30 minutes reading in the afternoon.'s quiet time activity was unexpected. Who would think that a mother would be glad her child has an accident. Yes, Charley held his bladder too long and then leaked down his legs on his way to the potty. He demanded a bath but since Henry is napping upstairs I didn't want to chance the noise. So he opted for a shower in our downstairs shower. He has never done the shower downstairs. I can see it clearly from the computer. haha! Here is one of those parenting moments that isn't probably one of my prouder moments.... I gave him some play dishes, turned on the water nice and warm, and told him to give a shout when he was done. 20 minutes later...he called that he was done. Then we enjoyed some warm buttered noodles! He left the dishes in the shower and said, "These will be waiting for me tomorrow. I like taking a shower in the afternoon." Now I don't know if that will be a daily occurance since a bath is in our nightly routine...and the kid just might be too squeeky clean. However, new entertainment and time for me to blog! HA! HA!

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Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

so fun! Are you going to have him rest and have quiet time by himself?


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