Saturday, November 15, 2008

Henry's Personality is Peeking Out

Yesterday I took Henry for his flu booster shot. Charley went to play at his friend Elly's house. Henry and I stopped for some lunch and during lunch I witnessed a little comedy from my son Henry. I was doing the signs for more and all done trying to see if he could tell me if he wanted more or if he was all done. And during this he grabbed my finger and laughed...a belly laugh, and then pulled my finger towards his mouth to bite it. BUT YEAH! He didn't bite it...he just looked at me with these little comedic eyes and laughed even harder. I then gave him more cheerios and he went on his way.

Today at lunch he gobbled up his food from a plastic dish that I brought and then spent some time playing peek a boo with Charley and I using the dish...I think the boy is going to have a little clown in his personality.

He has also become quite the cuddler. In the morning he will lay on top of me with his head on my shoulder or chest and just lay there. And during the day he will just come crawling up and lay his head on my shoulder or put his forhead on mine and nuzzle in. When I was contemplating staying home with my boys one of the things I worried I wouldn't teach my next child to be is a cuddler. Missy, our old daycare mom, taught Charley how to give "loves" and yes, I know we loved him up in our own way but he responded to the word love and gave them to her and others so openly. She also taught him the sign for MORE, PLEASE, and THANKYOU. We enforced it but being your first you don't always know when to start it or feel confident in how to teach it. But I have so far conquered more and am not starting the please, thank you, and all done signs. So we have a cuddler and a signer and a comedian on our hands.

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