Saturday, November 15, 2008

Two Dates for Mama

Today Daddy went to help our good friends the Zifkos work on the house they are building. So it was just another weekday for mama. So to make it a little less like a weekday we went out for a lunch date: Mama, Henry, and Charley. Charley has been begging to go to the Lobster restaurant that we pass by almost everyday. Ed said, "Oh, take him sometime for lunch because the place is always busy at dinner time." So today I thought, why not.

So today we went and had "fancy" lunch at Red Lobster. Red Lobster was a restaurant that was special to Ed and I when we first started dating back in Eau Claire. Both boys were dreams today at lunch. Henry kept busy with cheese, turkey lunch meat, saltine crackers and of course his favorite Cheerios. Charley excitedly ordered a popcorn shrimp meal and finished every shrimp and fry on his plate!

During our lunch my oldest son informed me..out of the blue...

"Mama, I guess I will live in our house for a few more years. And then I will move out into a new house."

I responded, "Oh really, why? I am not moving."

Charley's response, "Because I will be a daddy and I will have my own house."

I then responded, "Yes, you will live with your family not with mama and daddy."

Charley's response, "And you will be a grandma."

I saw my life pass before my eyes as he matter of factly stated this. Charley is definitely a deep thinker.

Now tonight I look forward to dropping these two handsome boys off at my friends house (we have worked out this slick deal of trading one weekend night a month so we can go out with our husbands without the babysitting fee...and it is actually entertainment for the babysitting couple's children.) All the movies that I want to see aren't out I am not sure what we are going to do but know that from 4:30-7 Ed and I will be trying to act like real adults out on the town on a Saturday night....ignore the fact that most hip adults don't go out until much later. But hey, we'll take what we can get.

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