Friday, November 21, 2008

Good Friends...

Charley has a best friend named Elly. They ask to play often and get to play often. When we tell them they get to play they look like this:

Elly's mom is a great friend of mine. She sees me almost daily. She had us over today for a playdate and then probably could tell I was in for a long weekend so invited us to stay for lunch. She has also offered to have Charley over tomorrow. Very kind. She is one of the few people who Henry will reach for when I am holding him. He knows her and loves her. Lynelle is open to my crazy obsession with naps and allows me to move our outings around so that Henry gets naps in. We have worked out date nights so that our kids can entertain each other while one of us gets to go have some time with our month we want to do double date and get a sitter for the kids so we can get our husbands involved in our friendship. Charley, Henry and I are lucky to have connected with Lynelle, Elly, and Emma so well. Thank you for all the support and fun times.

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