Friday, November 21, 2008

Surprise presents...

Charley just informed me...and I am documenting this...

"Mama, I want Santa to bring me surprise presents. Not anything on my list. Just surprise presents."

I have fallen victim to the toy catalogs. I have used them to my advantage. I can hand one to Charley and he is occupied for about 15 minutes and then returns to it repeatedly as it lays around. I know I don't want to raise a greedy child but it is also fun to see him go through the catalogs and dream. So for him to say he wants nothing on his list and he just wants surprises...opens my world to possibilities that make me very happy as a parent.

He returned moments later asking me, "But mama, how do the lists get up there. The mailman can't drive them up there."

The questions begin...My wish...just believe my son. Believe!

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