Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Today I appreciate...

1. My Meal Group: This is our second month of meals. We meet for a little play date. Exchange our meals and leave with three fun meals that are frozen....just waiting to be thawed and devoured. The challenge, relaxing and using them whenever...not over thinking it. Last month I used one when I didn't want the kitchen to get all messy...the night before guests arrived. Another night I used it when I wanted to go out to dinner like a normal human but with two kids and a husband that doesn't get home until 6...Friday nights are usually eat at home nights. So waa-laa a yummy meal that I didn't have to cook. The other meal I used when I didn't have groceries in the house and it saved us!

2. Play dates: Today's play date was with my meal group. It really doesn't matter who Charley is going to play with. It is just so nice to head to the relaxing comfort of someone elses house once in a while, where there are different toys (even if they are girl toys)that will occupy your child. Meanwhile, I get to gab with other moms. There is always the small talk, catching up, but I usually walk away motivated, more at ease, or excited about a new idea. Thank you Paula and Jessie for today's conversation!

3. Drive up drop off and drive up pick up at Charley's preschool! What a blessing today. It is ...I don't even know what it is doing outside..maybe raining, maybe snowing, maybe sleeting. Either way, when picking a preschool we thought about many things. And other mom's said that the preschool we did pick would be so nice for me because I don't HAVE to get out of the car to drop him off or pick him up. I didn't think too much of this since I knew I would be the mom who went in to get a peek. BUT! I have learned that I trust the system, and though I will most often take Charley in and pick him up...there are going to be days like today when staying in the warm car and not having to get Henry out will be a treat! So thank you friends who pointed this out and good job Sarah and Ed for picking this preschool!

4. Cell phones: This morning I woke up to no phone, no tv (although our tivo did work so Charley could still get a cartoon in) and no Internet (yes, my heart did pound and I started to sweat over this one. I frantically called Ed wondering...DID YOU PAY THE BILL, How are YOU going to fix this? He didn't know what was going on. Then my friend Lynelle called and said her power was out. AHHHH! How did she call...on my cell phone, that has been dead for the last three days because I couldn't' find my charger. However, in this crisis I was able to find it. I was chatting with two friends today and we all laughed over the comment...WHAT DID THEY DO IN THE OLD DAYS...when we didn't have cell phones. And I know Greg, that with every improvement we lose something but this morning when I had lost my ability to blog and couldn't call Ed immediately to check to see WHAT HE DID to cause this (haha!) I realized what a loss my cell phone would be!

5. Oh gosh, I am realizing I could go on and on with things I appreciate. I appreciate the next 2 hours...especially if Henry naps and Charley has a blast at school. How will I not waste this time.

What do you really appreciate today?


gschneider said...

I'm impressed you remembered my lesson! But I agree: cell phones are super handy. Let me tell you how often they help me get assistance on my bike when I get a flat. But we just need to be *aware* of what is lost. But I know you get it. People with kids tend to get it.

Sarah, Steve, Braden and Olivia said...

Great blog Sarah! It's a good reminder to slow down and let the things that I appreciate come into my conscious.

Glad you are enjoying your meals!


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