Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Thermostat thinking....

So I first have to say that I have appreciated getting all the comments on the thermostat. One reason, very interesting and helpful. Another, it just makes me feel less exposed over sharing my blog. Ed has questioned whether this is safe sharing all this info in such a public manner and it has been weighing on my mind. Do I set this up so only invited friends and family read it. I do have it private so that my site doesn't come up if googled but ... I can see I have a few people who read it regularly and I know it is listed on friends blogs which could potentially link to people who don't know our family. Ed said this morning, "if you are writing it for the boys then why do you need to share." And I guess my thought is that by knowing others read it I am motivated to write and being home all day I often feel isolated and it is my way of feeling like I am getting my voice heard...instead of standing around the water cooler at work talking about it all. So anyways...for now I will continue to write. I just ask that if you read this shout a hello every once in a while and don't share it with anyone you don't trust.

As for the thermostat...It seems to be that people who are not at home all day or don't have children are able to set theirs lower! GOOD FOR YOU! Even Ed said...WOW 62, that is cold! However, with baby Henry who doesn't stay tucked in...and with stubborn CHarley who doesn't always want to wear winter pjs or cover up I guess we will stick with the 67 or 68 at night and the 68 during the day.

Happy Wednesday!

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