Saturday, October 11, 2008

Doctor appointments

So yesterday we had the boys checkups (Charley's 4 year and Henry's 9 month).

Charley went first. He loved it. We play doctor at home and the doctor was awesome with letting him hold all the real tools while he checked him out.

Charley's stats: 36.8 pounds 60th percentile(so no new carseat yet... our doc said 4 years old AND 40 pounds) So maybe Santa will bring it.

He was 39.5 inches 35th percentile (so he is a little short!)

He got the flu shot and stood in front of the nurse and didn't cry or flinch. What a brave boy.

Now Henry....I had many things I wanted to talk to the doctor about. Since he is eating everything he can get his hands on. Doctor reassured it was normal and we just had to confine him to areas where we could be more careful about vaccumming etc. Henry's stats:

21 pounds 10 ounces which is the 74th percentile.
29.5 inches which is 91st percentile
and his head was 93 percentile.

Healthy boy so when the doc asked about sleep we braced ourselves. I was ready to take what he had to say and as we were going to the doc Ed joked that we should just lie and tell him he is sleeping through the night. See our doctor told us at CHarley's 9 month appointment that it was time to let him fuss it out. He told us how he would do it. I went home, we did it and after a few days Charley was sleeping through the night on his own. So doctor told us what we knew he would say. He doesn't need to eat at night. He can put himself to sleep now...just needs to learn. So last night I nursed him and then we gave him a bath and then Ed laid him down and after 45 minutes of quiet wrestling around and a little fussing he was sleeping. We weren't worried about the falling asleep it was the waking in the night. At 11 he woke up and cried hard on and off for an hour and half. We went in every 10-20 minutes and said night night and walked out just like the doc said. He finally fell asleep and slept until 5:15. I then nursed him and he slept until 8 am! So we will see how tonight goes. For nap this morning I nursed him downstairs and then brought him up and laid him down and within 15 minutes he was sleeping on his own. YEAH!

This morning at breakfast Charley asked how Henry did last night. He said, "Mama, did Henry cry last night?"

"Yes, Charley he did." Said Mama/

"And did you go in and pat him on the head and say night night?" asked Charley.

"Yes, Charley, that is what we did."

"Because that is what the doctor said to do, mama."

"Yes, Charley. It is hard to do because when Henry is crying what do we want to do?"
asks mama.

"You want to breastfeed him or pick him up, but you can't. The doctor said." replied Charley.

We have a son that is always listening and actually gave me the most motivation to do this because we did it with Charley and he doesn't remember. Which reminds me that Henry will get through this and be healthier since he will be getting longer stretches of sleep. When Ed brought Henry in this morning to say good morning he happened to look at me and then turn away right away because Charley was behind him in the hall. But for that one moment I thought he really was mad at me for doing this to him.

Henry, my son, we love you and are cheering you on as you conquer this experience.

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