Saturday, October 11, 2008

Friday Night Playdate

When Charley was 2 weeks old I joined a mommy and me support group through our hospital. I think there were 8 moms. We met every week during my maternity leave and talked about all the things we were going through. I loved it. When the group ended there were four of us that wanted to keep meeting. So we decided to meet once a month and rotate houses. One of the group moved away so now there are just three of us. Kim, Jodi and myself. Kim has Nicole (and now Branden a few weeks older than Henry). Jodi has Charlie (and Sam who is 18 months). We try really hard to get together every month but sometimes we miss a month. The kids know each other now. Charley looks forward to these playdates. I love that we are still getting together and that these moms know Charley from day one. They listened to my birth story and have guided me in this journey. I learn from them, they support me, and it is just so special to me that we have continued this friendship. I hope we are able to keep it going for a long time! Every October we have a mini birthday celebration for the three "Big" kids because they all turn four during this month. So happy birthday is because of Charley that I have made some great mommy friends.

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